One of our Brobo saws, used to cut steel to order

Fabrication Services

Breakwater Metaland originated as 'Seach Engineering' during the early 1990's, and is still an integral part of the business.Our regular work includes: Structural Steel fabrication for builders, Guilotining, Folding & Rolling sheet, Custom Fabrication jobs, and Cutting steel to order.

We currently employ 3 full time tradesmen & 3 full time storemen/steel cutters enabling us to offer a wide variety of steel services, which are highlighted below:


We are able to cut sheet up to 3.05m in length and up to 6mm thick.


We are able to fold up to 3.05m in length and up to 3mm thick.

Press Brake Folding

0.6mm-5mm sheet up to 3050mm long, 6mm-8mm plate up to 2500mm long, 10mm plate up to 2000mm long


We have several MIG and ARC welders for general steel fabrication, as well as a TIG & Pulse MIG for aluminium welding.

Pipe Bending

We are able to bend the following pipe sizes: 19mm OD, 20nb, 25nb, 32nb, 40nb, as well as the following SHS sizes:20 x 20, 25x25, 30x30, 40x40, 50x50. Our bender is a production bender highly suited to repetition bending work, hence minimum charges do apply.


We offer a drilling service, up to 40mm diameter.

Cropping & Punching

We can crop up to 20mm thick & punch up to 26mm round holes & slots up to 20mm x 30mm long in up to 20mm thick.

Oxy/Straight Line Cutting

For all heavy plate 8mm and thicker, and for cutting holes and odd shapes 6mm or thicker.

Plasma Cutting

Ideal for cutting out circles and odd shapes from 5mm or thinner sheet steel and aluminium.

Brobo Cutting

For most steel sections up to 100mm, we use several cold cutting Brobo saws, which cut quietly, quickly, and efficiently. Our Brobo saws are setup with tapes and stops, for quick and accurate cutting to length. We are also able to mitre cut angles up to 45 degrees with the Brobos.

Bandsaw Cutting

For larger steel sections, up to 500mm, we have 2 bandsaws, to give accurate, and neat cuts on most heavier sections. We are able to mitre cut up to 60 degree angles with the bandsaws.


We offer an in store painting service (primer only)for all jobs from our workshop.


We have a galvanizing service with twice weekly pick-up and fast turn around at competative rates ($30 minimum charge).

Delivery Service

We offer a delivery service for the Greater Geelong area, Surfcoast & Bellarine Peninsula. (Crane Truck and Ute)